Ankh-Morpork Royal Art Museum

There is one obvious exit: backward.

Withstanding the Weather (competition)

This is the central section of the citizens' gallery. The ceiling is built of mud-brick and straw and the other surfaces are built of mud-brick. Two terracotta display shelves face each other across the room. Against the south wall is a snow white linen patchwork quilt on the right side of which is a curvy female mannequin. Around the curvy female mannequin are a cuddly toy bear on a mounting plaque and a blue picture frame displaying a toy certificate. The gallery continues to the east and to the west, and an exit leads northwest to the entrance.

look mannequin
This is an exquisite mannequin, designed for displaying the most elegant and tasteful clothes and armour on. Curvy, it would make an impressive addition to any room. It is of much better quality and its design is much more detailed than your average dummy.
She is admiring the art.
Holding : a summer storm katana (left hand and right hand).
Wearing : a yellow raincoat and a colourful umbrella hat.
Carrying : a carved elephant tusk and a gleaming white clay flute.

a summer storm katana (custom made by Wan Bending Reed of Bes Pelargic)
The length of a grown man's arm and lethally sharp, with the slightest of curves to the gleaming edge, this katana bears a pattern of wind and lightning worked into the folded steel. The long hilt, shaped and balanced for use in one hand or two, has been wrapped in amber leather. The maker's mark, a single reed gracefully curved by an unfelt wind, is engraved on the simple steel disc of the tsuba behind the blade.

a colourful umbrella hat (Ilde)
This hat is one of the Artificers' Guild's more strange inventions. A standard beanie-style hat has been carefully attached to a rather colourful umbrella, leading to a look similar to an Agatean farmer's hat. However, the rainbow-coloured fabric that makes up the umbrella has been waterproofed, providing protection from both the rain and the sun. It has been beautifully embroidered with a scattering of individual raindrops in silver thread, each glittering slightly as it catches the light.

a carved elephant tusk (Ilde)
Elephant tusks such as this one are highly prized by wealthy dilettantes across the Disc for the intricate designs that can be produced in the ivory by a suitably skilled craftsman. An elegant carving of frozen water falling from the sky adorns this ivory tusk. The suggestion of a gusting wind, the endless variety of shapes and the intricate detail of the snowflakes are all excellent.

a gleaming white clay flute (Riverphoenix)
A number of evenly spaced holes runs along the length of this flute which has been lovingly made from clay. A quantum weather butterfly, its wings able to change the world with a single flap, has been stained on the flute in yellow, cobalt and black. A vivid gleaming white glaze coats the flute.

look shelf 1
On the terracotta display shelf are a fine storm-cloud grey rice bowl, a beautiful storm-cloud grey sake jug and a delicate white gold raincloud necklace.

a fine storm-cloud grey rice bowl (Elauna)
This lovingly crafted rice bowl has a delightful conical shape with a small straight base. Designed to catch moments of grief and loss and the temporality of life, the bowl has been stained with a breathtaking pattern of falling leaves in golden brown. It is covered with a bright storm-cloud grey glaze.

a beautiful storm-cloud grey sake jug (Stabbity)
With great skill, the creator of this masterpiece has managed to capture the shape of a leaf from the sacred Bo tree and somehow managed to fold it in on itself in such a manner as to form an unusually artistic sake jug with an elegant diagonal mouth. A pattern of snowflakes in down white and snow white has been stained upon it. A bright storm-cloud grey glaze covers the jug.

a delicate white gold raincloud necklace (Urwan)
Wisps of white gold form a chain that delicately supports a cloud also made from white gold. Three raindrops hang from the cloud, created by three empty tiny gem settings. Any follower of Pishe would certainly be charmed by such a pendant.

look shelf 2
On the terracotta display shelf are a flat cornflower blue turban, an artistic sun-baked red kylix cup and a sunlight yellow beech pen.

a flat cornflower blue turban (Mialia)
Made from cornflower blue silk, this handsome flat turban is a work of millinery art.
Worked artistically into the material is a decorative pattern of clouds. It is adorned with a
penguin feather that extends with a flourish above the crown, and a sapphire gem nestled above the
brow. The flat cornflower blue turban has four inside pockets.

an artistic sun-baked red kylix cup (Riverphoenix)
This kylix is an artistic example of the fine art of Ephebian pottery. The exquisite workmanship of this cup have raised it far above its normal role as a simple vessel to drink from. A large sun, evocative of desert imagery, has been intricately stained on the cup in black. A lustrous sun-baked red glaze coats the cup.

a sunlight yellow beech pen (Aerralin)
Slender but still authoritative-looking, this beautifully made beech pen seems almost as though it could write nothing foolish or untrue. It has been expertly stained sunlight yellow. The masterfully made italic nib is made from white gold. The nib glistens with sungold. It has been polished to a gleaming sheen with beeswax which breathes the scent of eyebright into the air around it. The sunlight yellow beech pen has been graced with a beautifully engraved pair of stylised hearts, overlapping each other in a declaration of love.

look quilt
a snow white linen patchwork quilt (Jaceth)
This quilt has been carefully constructed from twelve snow white linen blocks. The choice of matching both colour and material gives the quilt a certain understated style. It has been artistically quilted with a pattern of ice blue wavy lines.

view block 1 on quilt
This quilting block is made from snow white linen. A row of delicate ice blue and snow white snowflakes has been embroidered on it in neat cross-stitch.

look bear in mounting plaque
a cuddly toy bear (Emily)
This is a cuddly toy bear. It is covered in brown fur and has very small claws. It has a
look of fun and even more fun.
There is a cord dangling from its back.
It is perfectly plump and fairly well-shaped.
It is expertly stitched together.
It is posed to be pretending to be a cloud while singing.
Holding : a yellow umbrella (left front paw).
Wearing : a pair of yellow wellington boots and a red raincoat.
Carrying: some honey.

read toy certificate in frame
You read the toy certificate:
Written in Agatean:
Date of Birth: Friday 9th April Prime, UC 2045.
Height: Nine inches.
Weight: 150g.
Made by: Emily.

Written in rose gold ink:
In another world there is a bear that pretends to be a raincloud.
This is the song that he sings:

I'm just a little black rain cloud
Hovering under the honey tree
I'm only a little black rain cloud
Pay no attention to little me

Oh, everyone knows that a rain cloud
Never eats honey, no, not a nip
I'm just floating around over the ground
Wondering where I will drip